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In public spaces such as schools, shops, museums, offices, hotels or restaurants, proper lighting is paramount. Due to the specificity of the interiors and their size, a single, central light in not an option. Downlight luminaires are the best solution here, as they provide a conical beam of light. Lamps properly placed on the ceiling evenly illuminate the space with no shadows and half-shadows. In addition, they allow for exceptionally aesthetic display of objects, e.g. in jewelry stores, car showrooms or museums.

A valued manufacturer of downlight luminaires is the LUG Light Factory company, based in Zielona Góra, Poland. The producer offers LED lamp fittings for various architectural solutions (suspended ceilings, low ceilings, high ceilings, surface mounting, etc.). In addition to the minimalist shapes, customers can also choose from decorative suspended luminaires available in various sizes, colors and options. The manufacturer ensures that products are made of durable aluminum and guarantee long lifetime.

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